Earth Wisdom Tenders

Earth Wisdom Tenders

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Thu 5th Mar 2020
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm


The Glade

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For all Rebels and Soul/Sacred Activists whose faith, beliefs and spiritual practices are rooted in Ancient or New Earth Wisdom.

Earth Wisdom Tenders We are called the ‘Earth Wisdom Tenders’.

We are an eclectic group of people who are learning to deeply listen to the earth, the visible and the invisible and the non human world ~ to honour their wisdom and knowledge, and to hear what they need from us right now at this time of crisis and extinction. We are guided by the wisdom of the past and original cultures and peoples of the present, we work with the cycles and rhythm of the earth, the planets and cosmos and with what we perceive as the great mystery.

Many of us feel grief and great poverty that we have lost these missing practices that were and are woven in intimacy with our living world. In the past we may have been labelled as pagans, druids, shamans, witches or hippies.

This longing to find a place of belonging and healing has created a re-emergence and a rewriting of these ancient ways, through ceremonies, rituals, initiation and rites of passage, to enable our deep soul connection and wisdom to reawaken.

We sit in Council of all Beings, we Tend to the Children of all Species, we Initiate our Young ones, we claim our Elders, we Ancestralise our Dead and we recreate Community as a service to all of Life. ​

We are called the Earth Wisdom Tenders : Tending to all Life on Earth in our troubled time

“We are Earth Wisdom Tenders…

When all sentient beings are our sisters and brothers
When we remember that we belong to the living web of Life When no laws and no decisions shall pass that in any way could harm the children of all species
When we know that our Earth talks through us of her deep knowledge and wisdom
We are Earth Wisdom Tenders when no land, no waters and no one is owned, colonised nor commercialised for power and control.

Our dear Earth is 4.5 billions years of age, she is our Wise Elder whom we learn from and tend to”.

With Love and Cœurage
Earth Wisdom Tenders 

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