Totnes Women’s Circle

Totnes Women’s Circle

Date & Time

Tue 28th Jan 2020 - Tue 11th Feb 2020
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


The Glade


Women Weaving Sisterhood


Weekly Group meeting every Tuesday from 28th January – 31st March 2020

We are wild, cautious, tender, shy, vulnerable, powerful, fierce, insecure, erotic, energetic beings with yonis yearning for deeper connections amongst each other. Yearning to share from our hearts, to listen, to be silent together, to hold, to reclaim, to call in, to heal, to give, to weep, to dance, to sing, to find our voice, to receive, to touch, to free our souls and co-create. 

This circle is for bodies of all ages, all shapes, and all experience levels; for sexually abused bodies, healthy, and ill bodies and bodies plagued by an eating disorder. This is not like any other women’s circle. It is here for you, sister, to witness and be witnessed – just as you are. Everything is welcome. This circle has been created with the intention to reclaim our wisdom, our pussies, and our unconditional-love. It is a circle to remember our freedom. 

Our weekly themes will be shared in the facebook group called ‘Totnes’ Women’s Circle – Women Weaving Sisterhood’

If you are interested in co-facilitating and have a specific topic that is dear to your heart, please get in touch with Bibi Gratzer – 

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