Who we are

These are the people that make our organisation tick


Sylvia Mohabir – Woodland Nymph

Sylvie was raised by a family of Stoats and subsisted exclusively on organic woodland matter until she discovered the urban world in her late teens. Now she is a veritable human ‘bridge’ for people to cross from their domestic settings into The Glade. 

Faze Al Jawad – Wellbeing Warrior

Faze is master of all things that no-one else seems to be doing and largely responsible for making you have a good time at our events. He also spent 7 years balancing on the tip of a stick deep in the Tiger Forest, and he’s come back to pass on his insights into feeling good. 

Aphra Sklair – Ambition Manager

Whenever we are dreaming big, Aphra is the welcome voice of reason amongst the chaos and helps herd resources so we can walk our talk. You may often find her behind the scenes at our events weaving magic. She is also in charge of ‘soft things’.

Al Tempest – Problem Child

Does he create problems or does he fix them? We’re still not sure which he does more of. As the founder of TWP Al spends most of his time pretending he knows whats going on and trying to get what’s in his head, working in the ‘real’ world. 

Patricia Shaw – Blossom Whisperer

Patricia has spent much of her professional life courting the invisible bonds between social beings, and shepherding the intangibles of organisational life. From time to time she floats into our meetings and gently re-shapes our organisational intentions. 

Steve Arscott – Digital Forrester 

From his creative and fertile nursery of a brain, Steve grows and harvests pixels, he then plants them to create nice looking things. He also helps to stop us from being really confusing when we want to show you things. 

Eska Tempest – Chief Financial Officer

Eska is 7 months old and is in charge of the company finances. Not really (she is currently 7 months old though). Beloved daughter of Aphra and Al, Eska and her generation are the reason we plant trees. 

Tim Crabtree – Economic Monastic

If we want to find a fairer/better way of doing what we’re doing, Tim normally has a good idea of how we can do it. It’s like he was a monastic some sort of temple of social enterprise for most of his life. He guides us when we need to do something difficult. 

Darren Sutton – Chief of Ladders

Darren is like the lovechild of a mountain goat and an influential artist. You’ll often find him up a ladder rigging stuff up, talking about dimmer switches or going at a piece of timber with a 9’ grinder. What a legend.