Our Assumptions

Everyone makes assumptions.
Does mustard taste nice in trifle for example?
One might assume not.

Given that many organisations around the world are causing major changes based on their assumptions, and given that our organisation is responsible for interventions in some of our most important ecological systems, it seem important to be transparent about the assumptions we are basing our work on.

Assumption #1
British woodlands/forestry need to be resilient to economically and ecologically.

Assumption #2
Managing woodlands benefits woodland ecology.

Assumption #3
We need a more ecologically balanced approach to this (but plantations are not evil).

Assumption #4
We need to re-instate the timber processing chain.

Assumption #5
We must cautiously embrace technology.

Assumption #6
Woodlands can provide meaningful rural livelihoods.

Assumption #7
People need to be in the woods more than they are.