Woodlab is coming!

Let’s build a place where people can share machinery, knowledge and skills. Let’s make a place where we can use local timber, to craft awesome products. Let’s make a place where people can learn about wood, and the doors are open to everyone.

So we are. We have travelled internationally to learn from the best maker-spaces, community workshops and fab-labs.

The Wood Lab concept lies somewhere between a community wood-workshop and a fab-lab, that unites small wood-based businesses together with timber suppliers, processors and foresters. Our location is on the edges of North Woods, Dartington, UK. 

This is a collaborative project and during our development phase, we are inviting anyone who works with trees or timber to share their ideas, or ways they might like to be involved. 

We're expecting WoodLab to offer:

Extensive and well equipped, modern machine workshop

Naturally lit, rentable work space + storage

Comprehensive dust extraction

Timber drying kiln facilities

Tuition and courses

The network and support of other experienced makers

An e-store for members to sell their products

Meeting room/canteen

150 acres of woodland to relax and draw inspiration from

Great convenient location