SOULand Apprenticeship

SOULand Apprenticeship

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Thu 20th Feb 2020 - Sun 23rd Feb 2020
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The Glade

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Apprenticeship to SOUL and Grief Composting 2020

Both Levels are taught by Azul-Valerie Thome  ~ M.A : eARTh of Grieving Collectively as if Life and Death really Mattered.

​Grief Composting and SOULand ‘s work invite you to step into darkness and into the transmuting alchemy of Compost, we create sacred spaces of great beauty held and blessed by our living world and our 2000 generation of ancestry. Azul’s interest is Grief as an initiatory practice to mature us as human beings. She follows the dynamic current of Soul.  The Message of Water is her guide. Her question: If we do not have much time as a species how do we become blessed people who can make amend and restore our Earth in a sacred gesture of gratitude before leaving?

To lean into our grief, our love, our death and our possible extinction is an epic initiation into perhaps becoming true human beings…

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