Earth Day and how to celebrate

Earth Day and how to celebrate

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Mon 22nd Apr 2019
All Day

How do you want to celebrate Earth Day?

Here are some of our bright ideas:-


1. Plant a tree, oh heck why not a forest.

2. Find some manure and start a vegetable garden.

3. Take a fork, grab the kids and head out litter picking.

4. Walk in nature, smell it, breath it, live it.

5. Have a picnic, eat from the ground.

6. Don’t shop on crap.

7. Reuse, Recycle, Rewild.

8. Head off-grid and turn off your electrics.

9. Come on a day without the phone will be ecstatic.

10. Step away from your vehicle, walk or ride.

11. Give animals a break, go veggie.

12. Ahhhh, just hug a tree.

13. Stay, go, be eco.

14. Stop using plastic.

15. Put your feet in the earth.

16. Don’t bother washing, save water.

17. Support, nurture and protect the earth.

18. Join together as a community

19. Voice your love and rebel

20. Take a walk in the woods.

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