Words in the Woods!

Words in the Woods!

Date & Time

Sat 4th May 2019
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


The Glade

A poetry workshop for the beginner to the accomplished poet.

Why do we write poetry?

What does poetry do for us?

Poetry is the language of a state of crisis! – Mallarme

It has also been said that poetry is the greatest artistic expression of any culture! Bold though this statement is, one can’t underestimate the power and reach of poetry. Come and immerse yourself in the beautiful Woodland setting of the Glade in the North Woods, and explore your own process of writing poetry, and get inspiration for new ways to develop ideas, as well as looking at language and the reason we choose certain words and metaphors to convey our poems meaning.

£35 per person (includes coffee and cake to fuel inspiration)

Email Marcus at lorca2@zoho.com to book you place (limited numbers)

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