Postponed – Shamanic Tree Journeys

Postponed – Shamanic Tree Journeys

Date & Time

Wed 22nd Apr 2020
6:45 pm - 9:15 pm


The Glade


This event has been postponed till later in the year, please contact the organiser to find out more details


Shamanic Tree Journey with the Oak Tree

You are welcome to join our circle for a magical evening in the forest

Surrounded by woodland, we will explore our personal relationship with the Birch and the Oak tree spirits to listen to their guidance. The journeying happens in a yurt-like structure, where it will be warm and dry. You will be safely guided into a light trance state that allows you to go on an inner shamanic journey to the beat of the drum.

This ancient technique has been used for millennia to establish communication with the consciousness of plants, trees and animals, who can give us meaningful guidance and healing in our lives.

We will use creative techniques to integrate the experience and insights you will receive.

There will be an opportunity to share and connect with other tree-loving people around the fire.

No previous experience required. Spaces are limited to 15 participants. Booking essential. You can book your place by sending a ₤10 (or ₤20 for both evenings) by PayPal payment . Please use “send to friend” to avoid extra fees.

Shamanic Tree Journey with the Birch Tree – Wednesday 25th March 2020 @ The Glade

Please bring what you need to stay comfortable and hydrated as well as pen & paper for the integration of the experience.

If you have any questions contact Yannick at or 07425250911.

For more information about Yannick and his work you can have a look at Forestheart

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