Cancelled – Grief Composting to Deep Belonging ~ DAY EVENTs

Cancelled – Grief Composting to Deep Belonging ~ DAY EVENTs

Date & Time

Wed 15th Apr 2020
10:30 am - 5:00 pm


The Glade


This event has now been cancelled, please contact the organiser for more details. 


Those who will not slip beneath
the still surface on the well of grief,
turning down through its black water
to the place we cannot breathe,
will never know the source from which we drink,
the secret water, cold and clear,
nor find in the darkness glimmering,
the small round coins,
thrown by those who wished for something else.
David Whyte

To be lived, touched, tempered and breathed by the Mystery that weaves it all is astonishing and excruciating most days. Suffering is the raw material with which we can mature as humans and find out who we are and act as if we are needed..

Grief, Love, Death and reBirth as the backbone of our Life are calling us to become initiated into a place of Deep Belonging.

Through my own tempering journey of leaning and engaging into Grief, fierce Love, Extinction, Death and reBirth I was taken to the fertile void of Deep Belonging.

I invite you to come with me to the eye of the Hurricane. It will cost you much, there is not certainty, no hope nor positive solution outside your self…but there is the awaiting of the swelling and longing of Soul and her wild companions ♥

I invite you to be touched through deep ceremony by the 5 Gates of Initiation .

Grief Composting to Deep Belonging ~ 4 one day ceremony through 4 months 2020

4 DAYS to be taken either individually to feed a personal soul calling or as a set of 4 days as a way of apprenticing to the sacred work of Grief Composting.

WED 11th March
WED 15th April – cancelled
WED 13th May – cancelled
WED 10th June

LIMITED to 16 people
ALL XR rebels and COORDINATORS who want to hold spaces for grief composting during the Rebellion come on Gift Economy

For all others
£60/70/80 per day depending on your financial capacity

2 BURSARIES of 50% available * (now gone)

<<<£30 deposit to secure your space – >>> FOR ONE DAY
<<<<£100 deposit to secure your space>>> FOR THE 4 DAYS

* in exchange for supporting the setting up and packing up email me why you feel you need to have this bursary. I am interested in how you will bring the work to your community.

>>>>>REGISTER and BOOK HERE<<<<<

Five Gates of Grief, Initiation and Belonging
Invitation and guidance into our Grief Composting Circles

We will also weave in the WORK that RECONNECTS (Joanna Macy ) and the sacred work of Sobonfu Some.

From a point of SEPARATION,
we come through a GATE OF GRIEF,
into a space of INITIATION of maturing practices
to come back through our GRATITUDE to our natural state of BELONGING.

1 – From the Separation we have created between Life and Death, where we have pushed the pause button on youth to demonise and mock death, we have created a world out of balance. Our relationship with the autumn and winter of Life has been abstracted from our embodied imagination. Therefore the transition between life and death is something feared in stubborn denial. From here we enter the first GATE of GRIEF: What we love we will lose – calls an INITIATION into the mystery of death and into the GRATITUDE of our capacity to love within that mystery.

2 – From the Separation between what is ‘acceptable’ with what is shameful and ‘unwelcome’ in each of us we enter the second GATE of GRIEF: The Places That Have Not Known Love – That place calls for an INITIATION into the mystery of adulthood and maturation and into the GRATITUDE of being able to welcome back home to our Soul all that has been outcast and sent into exile.

3 – From experiencing the Separation between humans and the other than humans we enter the third GATE of GRIEF: The Sorrows of the World which calls for the INITIATION into the immutable bond with all of creation and with deep GRATITUDE that we Belong to our Living World.

4 – The Separation between our Stone Age ancestry and our great effort to eradicate our deep time memory calls us to enter the fourth GATE of GRIEF: What We Expected and Did Not Receive. It calls for an INITIATION into our Deep Time lineage and into the GRATITUDE of Remembering Who we are and Where we come from.

5 – The Separation with our Ancestors created by various unspoken traumas, illnesses, secrets and unreleased suffering is another fracture in our presence here on Earth. We enter the fifth GATE of GRIEF: Ancestral Grief – calling for an INITIATION into Elderhood and into the GRATITUDE that we can Restore and Renegotiate our family tree.

Azul-Valerie Thome’s research and exploration with Francis Weller about how each Gate of Grief call for a sacred and witnessed Initiation into Maturity and Deep Belonging

with Love and Cœurage, join me.
Azul Thome

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