Date & Time

Fri 27th Sep 2019
9:30 am - 4:30 pm


The Glade


“Body is our first environment… It is the medium through which we know the earth.” Andrea Olsen

Often, when we talk about ‘nature connection’ or Deep Ecology, we miss out the human species. And yet here we are, in an animal body, born of evolution just like the oak, the lizard or the chimpanzee. For generations we have distanced ourselves from our own ‘deep ecology’. Today there are exciting new developments – in fields as diverse as dance, science, health, leadership and contemporary ritual – that can help us ‘re-member’ our selves. Waking up our embodied awareness also gives us and our participants access to deeper connection, somatic intelligence, health and creativity. Toning these muscles of sensate awareness takes practice and is different for each individual, so this introductory workshop offers simple tools, exercises and inquiry questions to tailor to your own work setting.

We will explore questions such as:

How can we know ourselves as nature?
How can we access the insight, wisdom and creativity available through the body?
How do we relate and engage with the world differently when we are ‘embodied’?
How is it different to play at being an animal to knowing oneself as animal?
What ideas influence our relationships with ourselves and other species?

We will learn:

Simple theory about perception and somatic awareness
Insights from indigenous wisdom traditions, science and body-psychotherapy
Practices to awaken perception in gentle and playful ways
Practices of embodied nature connection
How to access creativity through somatic exploration
How to approach these themes safely and inclusively

This is a great opportunity to get serious about the importance of play, rest, rolling around and hugging trees!

Course Tutor: Toni Spencer
Toni works as a facilitator, educator and artist. She works with process (personal and collective), food (wild, tame, feral and neglected) and landscape. All this serves to explore how we might meet the world more fully, in order to live within the world more sustainably. She is a freelance practitioner with Schumacher College, Embercombe and others.


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