Cancelled: Stargazer Society Spring Equinox Storytelling Extravaganza

Cancelled: Stargazer Society Spring Equinox Storytelling Extravaganza

Date & Time

Tue 20th Mar 2018
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Just as the strongest trees sometimes break boughs in a storm, our beloved team-member Faze is now experiencing a slower (more tree-like) pace of life on one leg. A fractured fibula and accompanying ligament damage has knocked Faze off track – he’s still smiling, and enjoying the upper body workout that only people on crutches can experience.

However, the injury has come at a crucial time in the lead-up to our Spring Equinox event and as the lead organiser, it has has severely hampered his ability to deliver the kind of event we want to bring you. Even with the help of the faery-folk, there’s too much to do that requires two working legs and full cognitive ability (who knew how much your brain turns to mush when you break a bone?), and we don’t have the resources available to make it happen right now.

We’ll have a little something for you as a small compensation – details coming shortly – but in the meantime we will be cancelling the event and issuing refunds to those who have already bought tickets. And we’ll get back out in the woods with story and fire as soon as we can!


The point in Spring where the length of day and night are the same, the Equinox, is marked by World Storytelling Day and International Tree Day. All over the world people gather to tell & hear stories and to celebrate trees.

Being a woodland-based organisation with a love of both trees and stories, it would be unthinkable if we did not do the same. So we shall gather under the canopies of tree and parachute, with fires burning and tales flowing, to celebrate both the wonder of stories and the wonder of trees…possibly at the same time.

Food, drink, fire, stories and trees…an Equinox celebration Eostre herself would be proud of.

The Woodland Presents is a CIC and all profits are used to fund our wider goal of vitalising British Woodland Culture.

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